Talent is hard to attract, even more difficult to keep!

microphone-704255_640When you consider what employees (in particular representatives of the Y-generation) require from their employers, one would think that the selection procedure has been reversed!

reversed! These days, it is not easy to be an employer who meets the requirements of employees. Modern employees want to constantly learn something new, and expect a work environment that promotes flexibility and continually works to increase the quality of interpersonal relationships. Needless to say, maintaining a work- life balance is equally important to them.

Are you having difficulty fulfilling these requirements? Do they simply seem impossible to you? Do not worry, there is a solution. Annual HR Days conference (17 and 18 March, Rovinj) brings you expert lecturers in this field of professional activity.

We invite you to join renowned names of the worldwide HR scene and look for answers to all the challenges that your organization faces or those which you want to work on in the near business future or throughout your career.


Meet some of the lecturers you will have the chance to encounter in Rovinj where you will be able to join in discussions with them about this, and many other topics:


Koen Gonnissen, Executive Coach & Trainer, Mentally Fit Institute Global Partner

Gonnissen forged his craft by working for almost ten years with top athletes, mainly tennis players. As the leader of the Belgian Davis Cup team, he led his team to the semi-finals, and after a successful international sports career he has specialized in training and coaching corporate teams and individuals, managers and CEOs. However, he has not left sport forever and still spends part of his time working with professional athletes.

In the corporate world, his specialty is helping managers to overcome the greatest of challenges: building a team consisting of groups or individuals. Using a combination of academic models and examples of (sports) practice, Gonnissen admits that he 'loves to challenge teams to step out of their comfort zone' and find the internal motivation that will encourage them to even greater performance.


Yiannis Koutrakis, Area HR Leader, South East Europe,IBM

This native Cretan has impressive 20-years of professional experience in the field of human resources. He started his career at DHL International, after which he moved to Athens International Airport where he was responsible for recruitment.

During his rich career, he has created a remarkable list of companies for which he has worked; in addition to the aforementioned companies he has also worked for Adecco, Coca-Cola and Microsoft respectively.

He has also participated in globally important projects such as the opening of the new Athens airport, sponsorship of Coca-Cola at the Olympic Games in 2004 and the arrival of Adecco on the Greek market.

He joined IBM Hellas team in 2011 as HR Manager for Greece and Cyprus, and as of 2013, he assumed the position of HR leader for South Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia).


Andrey Shtylenko, CEO founder, Studio Antar d.o.o.

IT project management & startup acceleration

During the last ten years, this young entrepreneur has been the co-founder of a number of online stores across Europe, Russia and the United States.

Immediately upon graduation he won a scholarship which enabled him to further his professional training in the United States. Returning to Russia, he became involved in the operation of start-up which initiated e-stores, and in one of them as a co-founder creating a unique service - Wellpay!

Since 2008, he has been living and working in Croatia, where he has opened a consulting company Studio Antar. He has been actively helping the Croatian start-up community, community, and has also been a mentor in many regional start-up incubators. Additionally, he is the author of workshops and coaching programs for professional development, interpersonal communication and networking of employers and students. Some of the well-known projects linked to his name are Zzzzapp Wi-Fi, Popustolovac, and Freelance.hr.