You attract talent, but how do you keep them?

koen 1As part of the 4th HR Days conference, Koen Gonnissen will introduce you to the practice of solving the problems of retaining talents.

Koen Gonnissen has had a successful sports career that has given him great foundations for the development of his own career and company Mentally Fit InstituteAs the leader of the Belgian Davis Cup team, he led his team to the semi-finals, and after a successful international sports career he has specialized in training and coaching corporate teams and individuals, managers and CEOs. However, he has not left sport forever and still spends part of his time working with professional athletes.

In the corporate world, his specialty is helping managers to overcome the greatest of challenges: building a team consisting of groups or individuals. Using a combination of academic models and examples of (sports) practice, Gonnissen admits that he 'loves to challenge teams to step out of their comfort zone' and find the internal motivation that will encourage them to even greater performance.

In an interactive lecture, Koen will present simple and yet practical solutions to increase engagement, motivation thus compounding the loyalty of employees.

Do not miss the opportunity to adopt practical solutions for a better and more productive team book your place!