Purpose is where talent and passion meet

How to find the ultimate meaning and clear way to the goal in chaotic everyday life?

Complicated and unsteady, the environment often forces us to reactive behavior: challenges are caught up in the order in which they come, which in fact means that there is no order and that there are so much unpredictable things. It is a dangerous situation because it leaves us little or no space to move away, to look at the broader picture and to prepare a strategy for long-range paths to prevent negative impacts and to stabilize the way we want to go to the set goal.

Most leaders operate on autopilot with a tendency to repeat habits which can undermine the very outcomes they are trying to achieve

How to take on the role of a present and active leader who is able to create and consistently track the way organization and people want to go?

The answer to this challenge is given by Ben Renshawthe keynote speaker of the 7th HR Days conference, which will provides inspiration, insight and practical steps to:

  • Discover the power of purpose to be an inspired leader
  • Transform your mind-set to be purpose-led
  • Apply your purpose to nourish your work, life and relationships

“All adults were children at first.

Speaker, coach consultant, Renshaw je cijenjeni autor osam knjiga od kojih se posebno ističe "Purpose, Lead and SuperCoaching", djelo koje mu je donijelo međunarodno priznanje, a opisuje inovativan rad s kompanijama kao što su BT, Heathrow, Heinz, IHG, Sainsbury’s i Unilever.

Ben builds purposeful partnerships with leading organisations to develop leadership capability, high performing teams and transform organisational cultures.

He believes that discovering and leading with purpose is the greatest opportunity in life.

As a speaker and coach, Ben inspires people to go beyond what they think is possible. As a consultant he is renowned for getting to the heart of situations and creating the conditions for new solutions to emerge and as an author Ben blends his depth of insight with practical calls to action.

His powerful influence on everyone with whom he works and present solutions is unquestionable.

It is up to you to be open to the knowledge and experinece that will be offered on April 11th 2019 in Rovinj. Book your seat, we are waiting for you!