The author of the NTC learning system, a member of Mense and the Council for Gifted Children, will give a lecture at this year's HR days conference organized by the MojPosao portal.

All adults were children at first.
(But few remember that.)

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If we take off for a moment the imaginary 'gloves' in which - diplomacy and peace at home - we spend most of our time at work, we will have no problem admitting that these thoughts ran through our heads countless times while, like any honest HR member, we extinguished ‘fires’ and appeased the warring parties in the office.

Yes, in these situations of conflict and ‘hot heads’, in which we get the impression that nothing we say and suggest reaches our colleagues, it’s hard not to think “God, this is like working with kids!” Or “it’s here worse than in kindergarten. "

Indeed, the role of HR is often very similar to that of teachers, and even parents, as we often find ourselves in the position of a justice distributor in charge of finding solutions that may not be to everyone's liking but that will be prudent, fair and purposeful.

Both for the employees to whom a particular decision applies, and for the entire organization.


It is an ungrateful task that is not always easy to deal with, which is why every encounter with people who share a similar destiny and understand what we are going through can be very valuable and instructive.

And therefore, do not miss the lecture of a person who knows very well what we are talking about - a special guest at this year's conference is Ranko Rajović, author of the NTC learning program.

This specialist in internal medicine, Master of Neurophysiology and Doctor of Sports Sciences, whose books "Child IQ-Parental Care", "Development of Intelligence through Play" and "Learning is a Game" are widely read not only in Croatia but also in a number of other countries lecture „Are our children ready for future jobs?“.

Learning has to be like a game

Within it, Rajović will bring interesting questions under the spotlight, such as:

Did you know that of the ten most sought-after occupations in the world, nine did not exist a decade ago?

And did you know that jobs that involve automated mode are soon disappearing, as well as a growing number of jobs that require problem-solving skills?

Rajović claims that we best prepare children for the jobs of the future if learning is like a game, interesting and revealing, and we achieve this by encouraging them to find creative solutions and asking them to think for themselves.

If we think about it better, his advice is not only applicable in the world of children, but it is also used in our country by the slightly older ones.

On what way? You will find out the answer to this question in Rovinj, on September 23rd and 24th, at the 8th HR Days conference, organized by MojPosao!