5 keys to building sustainable engagement through purpose and trust

There aren't many people who have succesfully navigated personal crises like Karin Volo.

This bestselling author and speaker at the sixth HR Days is coming to Rovinj to motivate you professionally, although there is no doubt that her life story will also encourage you to start living a fulfilled life privately.

Karin is now an expert in employee engagement and personal and organizational development. She has more than 15 years of experience working with international companies, and transformation processes in organizations and their development have become her expertise.

Specializing in the field of organizational culture development, employee engagement and leadership training, Karin is well-versed in professional terminology. However, she is happy to point out that her priority is to 'bring joy to the world, inspiring others to reach their full potential'.

She believes her mission is to create workplaces in which employees will feel good, and considers it a key prerequisite for employee motivation and engagement. In her lecture, Karin will guide you through several important topics:

  • •Why disengagement has become a global epidemic and how much it’s really costing us
  • Why certain future trends are affecting businesses across the board
  • The FIVE Cultural Keys that are essential for your business success
  • How understanding the Neuroscience of Trust can be your shortcut to higher productivity
  • Real stories from Amazing Companies like Virgin, Southwest Airlines, PUMA, TOMS and more and how they drive purpose and meaning to engage employees