Parallel workshops on HR Days conference

New trends, new knowledge, sharing experience is the goal of the HR Conference that will be held on March 19 - 20, 2020 in Rovinj. But, what is a conference without a mix of learning and interesting networking? No worries, we thought about that part too.

Formal agenda of first conference day will end with two parallel workshops moderated by Debra Corey and Riina Hellström in hotel Lone, and Masterclass with Dave Ulrich in Grand Park hotel.

WORKSHOP 1: „How to be an employee engagement rebel and drive change!“, Debra Corey
This workshop will give attendees a deep dive into The Engagement Bridge™ and the employee engagement strategies used by the world’s leading organizations. Debra will explain how you can start a bridge building project at your organization in order to give you the competitive advantage. You’ll discover the impact an engaged workforce can have at your company. Learn how to be an engagement ‘rebel’, challenging the status quo, and helping you stand out as a great place to work. Hear real-life stories of what rebels have done around the world in a variety of engagement areas.

WORKSHOP 2: „Employee Experience through Agile HR – method of creating awesome HR services”, Riina Hellström
How can we in HR develop HR processes and services that allow people to shine and succeed in their work? Employee experience is a burning theme currently within companies. Attracting and retaining talented people requires a bit more than the usual HR-bureaucracy. Are our processes helping or blocking employees and managers? How can we make people love the HR processes? In this workshop we are bringing Employee Experience to life. The hands-on Agile HR workshop will give you a practical method to enable developing great HR services and to identify how you can modernize and update your HR processes. Right out the door you can use what you learnt – within your company with your people.

MASTERCLASS: „HR for HR: The Impact of HR Competencies and HR Department Activities on Value Creation“, Dave Ulrich (Grand Park Hotel)
The role of HR in the company has, among other things, created real value for employees, managed work in a process that delivers better business results. In these varied roles, what competencies do HR proffessionals require to be invited 'to the table'. What competences do HR professionals require to drive business results? What is the relative importance of the competencies of HR professionals versus the activities of the HR department in driving business results?

Important notes:

* Applications for workshops 1 and 2 will be open in mid-March and all conference participants will receive timely information via email. The workshops will be parallel, with a limited number of seats, you will only be able to designate one. The price is included in the registration fee.

** Masterclass with Dave Ulrich will be held at the Grand Park Hotel. Masterclass includes registration fees for both conference days and a VIP dinner with Masterclass attendees. The price is 7,550HRK or the difference stated in the prices already purchased. The number of participants is limited.

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