Ben Renshaw: ‘When you are on purpose you are being the best version of yourself’

Ususret 7. HR Days konferenciji, porazgovarali smo s keynotem govornikom, Benom Renshawom, koji će temom ‘Lead with Purpose – Purpose is where your passion and talent meet’ dati odgovor na razne izazove s kojima se lideri svakodnevno susreću.

Niže pročitajte intervju s Benom na engleskom jeziku.

Ben, what is your definition of purpose? How you personally define it?

My definition of purpose is that it’s my personal North Star…it is my big ‘why’ which is the inspiration that lifts me up and sets my direction of travel. 

Can you share with us an example, how purpose-led culture can change organization?

A great example is Heathrow airport. Historically it was an infrastructure company renowned for spending billions of pounds building terminals. In 2014 the Executive Committee made a strategic choice to become a service orientated company, created a higher purpose ‘making every journey better’ and set a vision to provide the best airport service in the world.

I delivered a leadership and cultural change programme called ‘Leading with Purpose & Values’ to develop the leadership capability to make this possible. In 2018 Terminal 2 won an award for the best terminal in the world by Skytrax which an external measure and all 6500 employees in the organization is have experienced Purpose & Values. 

Share with us three key steps that individual can do in everyday life to find their own purpose?

Three key steps I recommend: 

  1. Identify peak moments from your life, times when you have been at your best to understand why these have been so meaningful for you. For instance, completing a major project might have brought a lot of fulfillment. Why was this the case? Did it make you feel proud to create something new and different? Did you learn and grow? When you are on purpose you are being the best version of yourself. 
  2. Follow your energy. What energizes you? What de-energizes you? You know when you are on purpose because you enjoy great energy. Decide to spend most of your time focused on what brings out the best in you. 
  3. Purpose connects. Find common purpose in your relationships. By discovering what is most important in other people’s lives it will deepen your connections and help you find shared meaning. 

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