HR Days conference: Well – being, employee engagement, team efficiency

Annual HR Days conference gathers professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, directors and all individuals who know that investment in people is always worthwhile and want to hear not only the world's best but also domestic practices in human resource management.

This year's conference will host numerous domestic and foreign lecturers who will through a two-day rich program put a focus on employee engagement, well-being, team efficiency and team management in stressful situations.

After the welcome speech the word takes Jamil Qureshi,one of today’s foremost practitioners of performance psychology and is an expert in high performance. As the co-founder of several change agencies Jamil has enjoyed working with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports people and teams in the world.

Other lecturers and themes:

Bruce Greenhalgh: Mindfulness - here and now!

One of the speakers who will particulary adressed his keynote to the culture of health in organizations is Bruce Greenhalgh who has developed and implemented various global programs related to the well-being at all organizational level and presented it at conferences throughout Europe and USA. Beside the lecture, he will also lead a Mindfulness workshop that has successfully integrated into wellness programs in organizations as well as in management training.

Karin Volo: The impact of disengaged employees on the organization

Her main purpose is bringing joy to the workplace, have contagious energy and she is an expert in engagement and personal and organizational development. She is Karin Volo with over 15 years experience working with international Fortune 500 companies on two continents. Karin will lead you through key segments of organizational culture which are important for business success, inspire you to create trust in your company and thus affect employee productivity and will also talk about future trends that will affect our workplaces.

Andy Longley: Transforming organizational culture through leadership

This organizational psychologist with experience in talent management at the sixth HR Days conference will lead you through the use of sports techniques that, if implemented well, can have big impact of the team success. Complex environments are his specialty so he will surely inspire you.

Renata Barić: Leading teams in stressfull situations

We all know that the athletes' preparations for big competitions are difficult and demanding, not only physical but also mental. To make our athletes to jump into the pool with 'clear head' there is Renata Barić, the official psychologist of the Croatian water polo team. He has a wealth of experience and for many years she has been working with athletes and coaches of various sport sin the field of psychological preparation. Team leadership is no different than running a team, so Renata will convey her experience and give you practical tips on how to manage teams when they are in stressful and chalenging situations.

This is just part of what is waiting for you in Rovinj, March 22nd and 23rd. Book your seat što prije.


Organizer: MojPosao. Professional partner: SELECTIO

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