Healthy morning – wake up your own body!

Aware of the fact that the HR Days Conference is a combination of a great deal of knowledge, workshops, communication , and a little partying and that it all results with tiredness; we have some news this year.

To make it easier for everyone to get up, we have prepared a Healthy morning for the second day of the conference where everyone will surely find something for themselves.

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The first activity is our favorite activity - massage. In cooperation with Merkur Insurance we have prepared Chair massage. To alleviate the effects of sitting for several hours each day at work (in this case, conference), come for an 15 minute anti-stress massage.

2. HealthyFIT radionica

Through a fun and educational HealthyFIT workshop Mario Valentić will show you in an interactive way how to reduce the negative effects of sitting: improve blood and lymph circulation, and how to detox your body. It will teach us how to work-life balance, increase our own awareness and integrate movement into our daily busy schedule.

3. Personal Development Workshop

In cooperation with Anglo Adria, we are bringing a personal development workshop: "Don't let others take advantage of your weaknesses" led by Mladen Jančić. Mladen will answer a few questions. How to take care of yourself? How to negotiate? When we are negotiating, are we an owl, a fox, a sheep or a donkey? What to do to be more comfortable with outcomes in the future.


To live in harmony with ourself's is the desire of every individual. To achieve this harmony come to Hatha Flow Yoga. Yoga originates from Sanskrit and means to connect, to unite. Yoga exercises have an overall effect because they balance the body, mind, consciousness and soul. In this way, yoga helps to cope with daily tasks, difficulties and worries.

A healthy morning is so much more than a healthy morning. Come and have a good start!