Debra Corey: Rebels in the world of employee engagement

The situation on the labor market is changing rapidly, and the rules that were in force yesterday may no longer guarantee us former success. For example, unlike not so long ago, when we spent most of our working life in one company, today's workers are more willing to change their job environment. Open markets worldwide, knowledge sharing and changes in our mindset regarding the role of work in our lives, have encouraged today's employees to seek out new business challenges.

In order to tackle this problem, whilst maximizing our efforts to retain most talented employees, it is necessary to take care of the level of our employee satisfaction and, in particular, the level of engagement of our employees. By caring for employee satisfaction, we create the preconditions for their loyalty and ensure lowering the rate of unwanted departures of our greatest talents, and by working on employee engagement we add an important ingredient - commitment to work.

However, it's easier said than done. According to recent studies, 15% of employees are truly engaged. So, to ensure long-term development, companies are forced to start thinking and acting differently, says Debra Corey a highly experienced and award-winning HR professional three-time author, world-class speaker, who was recently named one of the top 101 global employee engagement influencers .

After her lecture Being an employee engagement rebel in this new world of work attendees will leave having a better understanding of how the world of work is changing, what employee engagement means, and how to be a rebel and challenge the status quo to help you stand out as a great place to work.