Blaire Palmer: Leaders - on a path to a more humane and authentic leadership

Do I possess the qualities shared by all great leaders? Am I capable of finding the right solutions in those difficult, stressful moments when my team needs me the most? Do my employees respect me and what do I need to do to earn their trust?

Doubtful questions like these have passed through the minds of every person who, at some stage in their careers, found themselves in the position of a leader. Indeed, no matter how many years of how much experience and knowledge we have, the occasional sense of insecurity and questioning our decisions - is quite a normal thing.

Nowadays, when trust in major institutions is in crisis, when digital disruption, global teams and agile jobs make jobs increasingly complex and new generations of employees seek meaningful leadership, the role of leaders is constantly changing and redefining itself.

That is why it is time for leaders to show a little 'punk' under their suits, forget about their ego's and start running their company's in partnership with their employees!

With her lecture 'Punks in Suits - Busting the Myths of Leadership', Blaire Palmer, an author, speaker, coach, consultant and commentator on future trends in business, will challenge us to rethink everything we thought we knew about what makes a successful leader.