8. HR Days Conference – By using new forms of leadership increase your employee engagement

After a long and cold winter, step into the new season with an event that has become the safest herald of spring and bright days - the HR Days Conference!

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This year's conference will focus on current and important HR topics, such as Employer branding Employer branding, Agile HR and leadershipand is bringing some of the world's most prominent experts in the field of Human Resources.

Take for example Blaire Palmer, a successful author and consultant, whose lecture 'Punks in Suits – Busting the myths of leadership' will introduce us to a more humane and authentic forms of leadership.

Or Debra Corey, an award-winning HR specialist, will present her insightful and inovative ideas on how to improve our Employee Enangement.

Also, Johan Driessens, one of the world's most famous C.E.O.'s (Chief Enthusiasm Officers), will tell us a bit more about the intriguing world of Employer branding and Employee experience.


In addition to lectures by top notch domestic and foreign experts, this year's conference will offer networking workshops that will enrich our knowledge and sharpen our skills, as well as panels on interesting, HR related, topics.

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Don't miss out! Register today on www.hrdays.net.